5 Reasons I Include a 3D Virtual Tour With Every Real Estate Listing

real estate 3d virtual tours

What Is A 3D Virtual Tour - The Basics

I provide a Matterport 3D virtual tour with every real estate listing I take. A virtual tour is just what it sounds like, an opportunity for prospective buyers to tour your home virtually from anywhere at anytime. A 3D virtual tour requires a specialized 3D camera equipped with multiple lenses and infrared that can sense, measure, and capture depth. Sometimes people refer to a video walkthrough or photos stitched together as a virtual tour. However, a true 3D virtual tour will allow the buyer to navigate through the home and zoom in to features at their own direction and pace. 

How To Navigate The Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

Click on the play button to get started. You can zoom in or out using your mouse wheel or the + and – keys. Click and drag your mouse to look around or use the left and right arrow keys. The circles on the floor are spots where the 3D camera was placed, you can navigate to these spots by clicking on them or use the up and down arrows to move backwards or forwards to the next spot.

Why I Include a 3D Matterport Tour With Every Listing

Reason 1: Homes With Virtual Tours Sell Faster

Not only are virtual tours a great way to show your home, they are fun, buyers like them and most importantly – they help to sell your home faster. According to Zillow, for-sale properties with 3D Home tours were 22% more likely to sell within 30 days. Over a 6-month period, 46% of homes with 3D Home tours sold within 30 days vs. 38% that did not have a 3D Home tour.

Reason 2: COVID-19 Happened

In our post COVID-19 world many home buyers do not feel comfortable touring dozens of homes. Despite our new COVID-19 protocols to keep homes sanitized, some buyers prefer not to attend a live showing. Virtual tours allow these buyers to walk through your home without ever leaving theirs. 

Reason 3: Out Of Town Buyers

Believe it or not, many homes go under contract before the buyer ever physically sees the home. Prior to virtual tours, I would go to each property and walk an out of town buyer through using a video call. With virtual tours, these buyers can tour homes at their own pace while zooming in to specific features. 

Reason 4: Floor plans, Measurements and Doll House View

Matterport virtual tours have some great tools that are not included with other virtual tours. Click on the tool icons at the bottom of the tour to view floor plans, get measurements or see the doll house view. 

virtual tour floor plan
Floor Plan View
Doll House View

Reason 5: Buyers Can Tour and Retour Your Home Anytime

After looking at 10 homes in one day, they begin to blend together. We will have an advantage over our competition if a potential home buyer can easily walk through your home again without restrictions or the hassle of setting up a second physical tour. 

Learn More

I Market Homes Using Cutting Edge Technology, Proven Strategies, and decades of networking contacts. You can learn more about how I use virtual tours as a part of my comprehensive marketing plan here. If you have questions about selling your home in the Denver area or would like to schedule a free, no obligation, in home consultation – please reach out to me at 303-564-4055 or Nathan@NathanSellsDenver.com.

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